B'Fly 23

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A complete range of aluminum rackets specially designed for young players.

A colorful aluminum range to make learning tennis easy and fun. Rackets 25 and 23 are equipped with Improvergrip overgrips to help the player to learn the different grips while rackets 21 and 19 have the Memogrip system to help them to correctly position their hands on the handle. Available in 5 sizes according to the child's height: 125-140cm: B'Fly 25 110-125cm: B'Fly 23 100-110cm: B'Fly 21 100-80cm: B'Fly 19

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Composição- Peso205 g / 7.2 oz Tamanho da cabeça- Equilíbrio-
Comprimento584 mm / 23 in. Flexibilidade-

Team Babolat Pro Players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted