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Designed and developed for advanced players who want to combine power and precision, the Pure Drive VS is the last-born of the iconic Pure Drive family.

It features the same benefits than the Pure Drive with slightly more control. Frames are sold by 2 with a maximum weight difference of 1.9g.
- Part of the iconic Pure Drive family
- Perfect combination between power and precision

Legendary precision:

This is the DNA embodied by our new VS signature line of rackets. Born from the evolution of tennis, the Pure Drive VS has been developed with a singular goal in mind: feature the same benefit players love about the Pure Drive while incorporating the pinpoint precision advanced players demand.
With a 98in2 headsize, a lower stiffness with a RA of 70 and a smaller 21-23-21 section, the Pure Drive VS is engineered for an extreme precision.
It offers the pure power and the pure feel of the Pure Drive thanks to the FSI Power technology featuring a new string pattern and new diamond grommets that provide an improved sweetspot over the whole width of the racket to maximize power on every shot, even when off-centered.
The Cortex Pure feel technology, inspired from the space industry, provides a better vibration dampening thanks to new material integrated in the graphite of the racket, offering an incredible sound and more direct feel during the game.

The Pure Drive VS has a specific approach dedicated to competitive advanced players who want to have the same weight on each of their racquet with a pack of 2 racquets with a maximum weight difference of 1.9g.

With a fantastic look, the Pure Drive VS will give players an unrivaled level of power and precision.

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UK 1 2 3 4 5
US 1 2 3 4 5


Instrução de encordoamento
ComposiçãoGraphite Peso300 g/10,6 oz Tamanho da cabeça630 cm² Equilíbrio320 mm
Comprimento685 mm Flexibilidade70 RA

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